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We provide transferring services for guests and officials by luxury cars and other means of transportation. Car formalities is a part of our services that has been done successfully in capital by establishing some branches in different parts of Iran considered a new step in organizing this system in giving services to ministries, organizations and domestic and overseas companies.

CIP services at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) include passenger transfer from aircraft boarding stair to the CIP lounge, or vice versa, on special VIP cars. On the other hand, such time-consuming stuff at airport as check-in and taking boarding pass, seat allocation or appropriate seat selection, and luggage delivery are among other CIP services offered at airport. Special catering for the guests and their companions during their rest at CIP lounge of IKIA and also performance of security check through a dedicated gate for the CIP lounge are among other CIP services offered at IKIA. As the most well equipped CIP lounge across Iranian airports, CIP lounge of IKIA has been constructed on a land of more than 7000 sq. meter in area as a three-story building with a total floor area of more than 8000 sq. meter. Dedicated conference hall for a maximum of 15 persons, 10 fully furnished luxurious suits, XBOX sets for kids entertainment, luxurious reception hall, free food courts offering lunch, dinner, a wide spectrum of hot and cold drinks, and desserts, sufficiently ventilated smoking room, broadband Internet access via WiFi, and dedicated roofed parking lot for CIP lounge of IKIA are some other facilities offered to domestic and foreign passengers.