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Iranian visa

We provide transferring services for guests and officials by luxury cars and other means of transportation. Car formalities is a part of our services that has been done successfully in capital by establishing some branches in different parts of Iran considered a new step in organizing this system in giving services to ministries, organizations and domestic and overseas companies.

Visa Collecting For Islamic Republic Of Iran Foreign Visitors
The getting visa section for inviters.The part of visa collection of inviters of foreign countries which are mostly educators man , and authorities would be possible with the aim of presenting and having in conference and international fairs in science, cultural , medical and other subjects with the present of an experienced grouping in the shorter time adn under the Islamic republic of iran rules . consulting and suggesting to find the best person by the subject of gathering through safir gol pars agency . distingushing the number and identity of selected persons through host organization . doing correspondence affairs and sending innvaitation letter and unremitting till obsessing complete result by Tehran rental cars agency.